Jobs, Justice, Climate Action – Calgary Stampede Parade

The morning of July 3, 2015, marked the kick off for Stampede here in Calgary, which was the perfect opportunity for some direct action in front of Canada’s politicians.

Rachel Notley

Both Notley (above) and Nenshi rode in the parade, while Trudeau and Harper  were watching from the sidelines.  We can only hope they were listening.

11  3-7-15 ( aiyana lauridsen )

CBC crew deliberately turn away from the parade and the climate action banner to focus on the children.

Apparently the issue of Climate Change is not considered newsworthy.  I could hardly believe as watched as the CBC camera crew deliberately turn away from the banner which read:  “HARPER,  TRUDEAU,  MULCAIR.   CALGARY WANTS:  JOBS.  JUSTICE.  CLIMATE ACTION.”  to focus instead on the smiling faces of the children in the crowd.

CBC news ignores climate protest in Calgary  3-7-15 ( aiyana lauridsen )

The Bow Building – Head Office of EnCana –  towers in the background.  In the foreground, mainstream media ignores a Climate Action Banner to focus on the smiling children in the crowd.  Calgary Stampede Parade, 2015.

A group of activists entered the parade during a gap between floats, and walked their banner down the block before Calgary Police escorted the group from the route.

A peaceful action in solidarity with so many others across the country and across the world. JOBS. JUSTICE. CLIMATE ACTION will march July 5, 2015, in Toronto.

While I was taking photographs I briefly chatted with the young boy beside me, who was deeply concerned about the police presence.  I overheard him say to his mother “I don’t trust the police… look at all their guns.” and then he reiterated his concerns to his grandmother.  “I don’t trust the police.”

I asked if I could take his photo and he wanted to make sure I got a photo with his sister as well – he struck me as a highly empathetic little boy.  It broke my heart to see someone so young already so fearful.  Despite his worries, the CPS were nice enough as they escorted the group off the parade route.  Still, these are the children who will have to clean up the mess of today’s politicians – and they are already concerned about the status quo.

The Bow   3-7-15 ( c. aiyana lauridsen )

The Bow Building in Calgary, Alberta – Head office of EnCana

We have a simple message:   WE > TAR SANDS.

We > Tar Sands in Calgary


27  3-7-15 ( aiyana lauridsen )


Aiyana Lauridsen - Jobs Justice Climate Action

*Photos by Aiyana Lauridsen & Tavis Ford

Calgary Climate Action

On April 26, 2015, a march was held in Calgary, in solidarity with other demonstrations being held across the country (and around the world) as people come together to demonstrate the need to “Act on Climate” leading up to the UN Climate Summit in Paris (set for December, 2015).

Calgary Climate Action

In the foreground Canadian citizens are gathered with green signs declaring “CHANGE DIRECTION NOW”  and “INVEST [in solar]” -in the background, the Bow building (EnCana’s head office) is reflected off of City Hall.

As Louis Koutis (CCAN) explained, it wasn’t a protest but rather a march to show support for a transition to clean renewable energy.  The day began with a gathering at City Hall and speakers discussing climate change, the future, and our responsibility to act now.   The crowd marched from City Hall to Eau Claire Market, where they finished the afternoon with music and discussions about a greener future.

Hundreds of people, young and old, marched the streets of Calgary.  Their chants of “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE”  rang off the buildings downtown.  Some people spoke afterwards of joining simply because they saw the group marching though the streets – while others had planned the event for weeks before the day.

Canada has become an international embarrassment under the Harper Government due to their complete failure to act on anything related to climate change.  Canadians across the country are demanding change – from the 25,000 people who marched in Quebec – to protests in Vancouver and cities in between from coast to coast – including Calgary, a city home to industry elites and the head offices of corporations such as TransCanada, Shell, Husky,and EnCana (to name a few).

It was an amazing day in Calgary – the weather was perfect and the mood was hopeful.  Many people joined together to make a strong presence.  Please feel free to share this post on social media and tag your friends if you see a familiar face!

I have been working on editing a video and had hoped to post it all together, but the video is taking too long, so I wanted to at least share some photos.   Hopefully I will be able to share a video soon.

photos by Aiyana Lauridsen – available for non-commercial use only

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APRIL 26 -2015 AT 1:30p.m.


 photos by Aiyana Lauridsen  * APRIL 11-2015 *
Photos from April 26-2015 will be posted soon.

On April 11, 2015, (photos above) Calgarian’s gathered in support of the 25,000 thousand who marched in Quebec City.  Standing in solidarity with all the people marching across major cities all over Canada – thousands of people telling their government to Act on Climate.

Climate marches across the world are growing in both frequency and numbers as we lead up to the United Nation’s  Climate Change Conference, set to be held in Paris this December.  As more and more people begin to understand the undeniable realities of climate change, more and more people feel compelled to be the voice of change themselves; more and more people are choosing to BE THE CHANGE.

In Calgary, a small group gathered April 11, 2015, to show solidarity with the other concerned citizens demonstrating across the country, and to organize the Calgary Climate March, which was held today, April 26, 2015.

*UPDATE*  Today in Calgary, the streets rang with chants of “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE” and “CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW” as hundreds marched in the streets.

 The current Premier of Alberta – Jim Prentice – didn’t bother to go to Quebec, or to even send a representative to attend the Premier’s Climate Change Summit – which began April 14, 2015.  Apparently Climate is not a priority vote our government – but it should be.  The Conservative government that has ruled Alberta for so long (since 1971) has mismanaged this province to the point of disaster – it is time for a change and Albertan’s know it – the world knows it.

Alberta Votes:  MAY 5 – 2015  #VoteABC (Anything But Conservative).

VIA Calgary Climate Action Now – Facebook Page

Gather at City Hall, 800 Macleod Trail SE, 1:30 pm
Photo-ops, 1:45 pm

March to Eau Claire Plaza, off of 2nd St. and 2nd Ave. SW, 2:00 pm

Music, dancing and opportunities to talk about “What Next”, 3:00 to 4:00 pm

It’s time for Calgarians to join the international chorus demanding that local, provincial, national, and international leaders, along with citizens everywhere, take steps urgently needed to protect our planet from the effects of climate change!

On April 26, hundreds of Calgarians will gather to show that we want a just transition to a clean-energy future:
• a transition that supports marginalized communities, including indigenous peoples
• a transition that phases out coal, oil and natural gas as quickly as possible
• a transition that develops clean, renewable energy and puts Alberta on the map as a world leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
• a transition that begins with CLIMATE ACTION NOW

Major international climate negotiations will be held in Paris this December. Canada has a crucial choice: we can be a leader on the path to a meaningful agreement, or we can continue to be an obstacle to progress.

On April 26 we will demand a strong deal in Paris.

We need your help to make this happen. Will you join us?
• Please spread the word: bring your family, friends, classmates, team mates, the folks in your yoga class, the people in your office.
• Add your organization’s name to the list of sponsors for this April 26 event.
• Have your organization join the Calgary Climate Action Network (CCAN).

Together we will get climate action now!

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“We have to get after the Regulators… it’s the government that’s allowing them to kill our fish, kill our animals, and kill our people.”

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

NRDC is the nation’s most effective environmental action organization. NRDC uses law, science, and the support of 1.4 million members and online activists to protect the planet’s wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things. NRDC’s website provides a wealth of environmental information as well as state-of-the-art online activism tools.

Energy East pipeline: Our risk, their reward

Say no to the Energy East pipeline by signing the petition HERE.

TransCanada Corporation has proposed the Energy East pipeline to create and expand a network of old and new pipelines stretching over 4,600 kilometres from southern Alberta to New Brunswick. It is the biggest oil pipeline proposal in Canada and it could be coming to your backyard.

Ontario Nature has joined other grassroots groups across Ontario in expressing deep concern over TransCanada Corporation’s proposal to export tar sands oil by converting natural gas pipelines through northern and eastern Ontario.

LEARN MORE  CHECK OUT ONTARIO NATURE.ORG Originally Published on Dec 2, 2014 – Republished with permission.

See more of our coverage on TransCanada here, here and here.

Finally, you absolutely must check out SAVE-CANADA for brilliant activist info.

EXPERT LEGAL ADVICE: “stop being a nuisance and settle with Encana – they have all the money in the world”

This is SO important.  I have personally looked into this man’s eyes (Glenn Solomon, the lawyer speaking on the recording) after he successfully argued in Court that the Regulator (AER formerly ERCB) should not be responsible for the FACT that the water in Rosebud became so polluted that it could be set on fire – this is apparently a matter to be settled between Ernst and EnCana privately – it’s not Alberta’s problem.  He could barely look at me (or the many other people there to support Jessica) as he rushed out of the building – it will not be the last time I look into his eyes searching for accountability, as I continue to follow the Ernst v. Encana case.

This conversation was recorded by an Albertan looking for a lawyer to handle their case and provide legal advice after their water was contaminated by hydraulic fracking. (Much like Jessica Ernst’s water – the case being discussed – or our families water, or Debbie Signers water, or the Campbells, or countless other affected Albertan’s)   Brett* recorded the conversation with Solomon so his mother, Ann Craft, could make an informed decision of which lawyer she wanted to take on their case; he said he was surprised Mr. Solomon “would be so bold about how the law works in favour of oil companies in Alberta or Canada.” ( See full coverage on The Tyee – Ann Craft’s Fracking Nightmare: Part 1 and Part 2) Transcripts below.

Glenn Solomon discusses EnCana, Alberta and the ERCB

Alberta Lawyer Glenn Solomon discusses EnCana, the ERCB  & the Ernst Case with a Landowner.  

Solomon discusses how EnCana will always PAY to make landowner’s lawsuits go away, as long as they never have to ADMIT responsibility. “They just don’t care.” He also mentions how the legal teams for the ERCB, the AER and EnCana have managed to stall in Court for 7 YEARS without having to file a Statement of Defence, (normally in Alberta the Statement of Defence is due after 20 DAYS) and that NO case about fracking having contaminated water in Canada, has ever made it to Trial, since they usually end in a settlement (typically settlements include non-disclosure agreements).

Note also that this is one of the “most respected” lawyers in Calgary speaking.  What is most unfortunate is he’s 100% speaking the truth and doesn’t seem to see what’s wrong with the picture.  It’s not about balance sheets or bottom lines or money – it’s about WATER.  You know, good old H20 – the stuff that makes the earth blue?  We humans are about 70% water – and ALL LIFE on earth relies upon water.

Glenn Solomon discusses EnCana, Alberta and the ERCB 2

If you listened to the recording, maybe you wonder why Solomon is aspeaking as though EnCana and the ERCB and the AER are all one party? …or maybe at this point it’s become glaringly obvious.

Jessica Ernst isn’t suing for MONEY – she’s suing because she’s demanding ACCOUNTABILITY…and this is who she’s up against.

Apparently hoping for accountability from this government this makes her “literally crazy”.

So are we starting to understand the problem with our system yet?

People need to know what they’re up against in Alberta.  Corporate adjudge and government


*Ann Craft’s son Brett requested use of an alias last name, O’Neil, in order to protect family relatives working in Alberta.

Idle No More + Silence into Action || December 10, 2014


Indigenous women on the front-lines outside of the TransCanada head office in Calgary, Alberta.  

 A 12 hour prayer vigil was held December 10, 2014, on the 2 year anniversary of Idle No More, and in solidarity with the Earth Guardians movement, Silence into Action.

Solidarity with Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez on a world-wide silence strike on December 10, 2014.  Standing in front of TransCanada’s office in Calgary, Alberta #silenttobeheard #silenceintoaction

 The women – guardians of the water and strong warriors – sang songs, beat their drums and spoke with a TransCanada representative who came to receive our message.  We presented our signed Invitations to TransCanada – asking them to reconsider their pipeline plans for the sake of future generations.  We felt the power of our presence was strong, though we were few in numbers.  We sat for 12 hours on the sidewalk in front of their offices on a cold December day, and the message did not fall on deaf ears – they saw us, they heard us – I don’t know if they listened, or if they took our words to heart, but I am hopeful.

Aiyana Jane Lauridsen

We hung prayer bags in four colors (one for each of the elements – earth, air, fire and water) on trees in  four directions surrounding the TransCanada building in Calgary. I was honored to hang blue bags representing the water on the trees. I feel so strongly connected as a guardian of the water, I am eternally grateful that these women honored me with this task and recognized my connection. 


 Although we were informed by one angry employee that we should “grow up – there are children starving in Africa” – having only ONE person say something negative to us at an “anti-oil protest” in Calgary (it was a prayer vigil) has got to be a new record, so I’ll take it.  (Perhaps said employee did not realize that there are children starving right here in Canada, or that humans can survive much longer without food than we can without fresh water, or that the company she works for is directly responsible for driving climate change.)

Sometimes all it takes to tip the balance is ONE person, so if we changed just one mind, that would be enough.  Other times, you gotta call it a loss when people are so set in their ways that they literally believe starving children in Africa is the be-all-end-all of our collective problems – who really cares about clean energy?  What about those poor starving African kids??  WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

Indigenous mother wraps her daughter in a blanket to fight the cold .  Calgary, AB

A mother and her 11 year old daughter on the steps of TransCanada’s Calgary Head Office – on Treaty 7 Land.


  Land Defenders camped out on Burnaby Mountain for months to stop Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline in British Colombia.  [Click the photo for Burnaby Mountain Updates.]

TransCanada / Calgary Police

Plain-clothes Calgary Police Officers (left) speak with activists (right) outside of TransCanada’s Calgary head office.  This photo was taken a few hours after we presented our invitations to TransCanada’s representative.  You may notice the same two men are standing in the background of the photos above –  based on the timing, I assume the Officers watched the exchange between the two parties, spoke with TransCanada representatives, then came down and spoke with us afterwards; however, I’m not sure.  I only noticed the plain clothes officers had been there earlier in the day when I looked back on the photos later on.  They were very courteous to us and discussed what we were here doing and how they personally felt about pipelines – as well as our right to maintain a peaceful protest.


A passerby takes a green bracelet to show solidarity. Intention is the strongest force we humans have; the power of our intention when harnessed is not to be underestimated – together we can create change.

Glasha Weaselfat, Age 11Glasha WeasleFat, age 11, sits in solidarity with the Earth Guardians, Itzcuauhtli 

Listen to the voice of the new generation –    SILENCE INTO ACTION.

KINDER MORGAN TransMountain Pipeline, BC, CANADA- The RCMP arrest peaceful protesters on unceded Coast Salish Territory

Kinder Morgan Injunction Enforcement | 20•Nov•2014  |  Ramshackle Pictures

Days earlier, on November 17, 2014, Sut-lut, a mother, grandmother, and the Sḵwx̱ú7mesh elder who started the Sacred Fire, spoke an hour before the enforcement injunction came into effect.  (Texas Oil company, Kinder Morgan successfully applied to the Courts have the camp torn down – the camp is located on the unceded Coast Salish Territory, commonly known as Burnaby Mountain)

“Please come, the people are the power.   Without the people, I guess we look like the radical ones, don’t we? But we’re radical for you each of you. To be able to have a clean cup of drinking water and not get sick.  I’m doing it for you, so that you have clean soil to grow your food on this earth. “

 A reporter for the Vancouver Observer tells her – the RCMP may not listen to that argument – and asks-  are you willing to get arrested?

“Yes.   For my people.    My daughter’s gone – it’s an unsolved murder – so I’ll do it for Christy Clark’s son,  I will get arrested for Hamish Clark.”

Below we see her escorted from the camp in handcuffs.

“She is a true leader and a powerful warrior for us all.   Her shirt depicts an image of her daughter who is one of the thousands of missing and murdered indigneous women in this country.   She has no children now; she told the police as she was being arrested that I’m doing this for your children and your grandchildren.     It is sickening that the police use their discretion and energy to criminalize peaceful land defenders more so than the injustice reaped on indigenous women.  The genocide and oppression is not over, it is active.    WAKE UP.”     [Photo & Text via Desirée Wallace on Facebook]

Desirée Wallace confronts RCMP with tears in her eyes on Nov 20-2014 in Burnaby, BC, Canada –  IMAGE BY JACKIE DIVES – CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS AND COVERAGE ON THESTRAIGHT.COM

More photos of the camp taken the day prior to the RCMP’s arrests can be found here.

Today, in a post to her Facebook, Wallace issues a plea to the world to WAKE UP!

(excerpt below, read the full post here)

Yesterday I was in shock.  Today as my newsfeed fills with the horrifying injustice that took place on the mountain, I am disgusted and traumatized from what we all witnessed.  Friends getting violently arrested, thrown to the ground, shoved, choked, suffocated, ostracized for peacefully standing up for what is right is not a bearable thing to see, but I can’t help but think that this is how majority white middle-class kids were treated in the city and imagine this scene increase ten-fold as racism comes into play… Yesterday was not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last.  There are communities much more marginalized then Burnaby, who experience this everyday with little to no support, exposure or justice upheld thereafter.  We are living in a nation-state that for hundreds of years has and will continue to bolster its efforts with corporations and RCMP to oppress us all.

This is NOT a democracy.  We are NOT radical.  This government IS bullshit.  We ARE real.

I plea to the world, WAKE UP.  Get up to Burnaby Mountain and be on the right side of history.

/ the writer debates the moral implications of flying to BC from Alberta in order to join those protesting on the mountain… types blog-post furiously instead…

Protesters who stand against Kinder Morgan‘s proposed Trans-Mountain Pipeline in Burnaby, BC were arrested by members of the RCMP on November 20, 2014, and dragged from the site.

Along with Professor Quarmby, in the video above we see activist Brigette DePape, who you may know from the #stopharper movement, speak out despite her cuffs,  her voice is strong as she speaks  of her belief in another way while being taken to a police van – a way that respects the rights of indigenous people -a clean a just future for all people.

One protester, who had been camped out in a tree for five days prior to his arrest, was taken from the tree and removed from the site by the RCMP on a stretcher. (Images by Jackie Dives Photography)

 SFU Professor Lynne Quarmby gives a speech on the importance of being an engaged citizen, then steps over the line to be arrested, saying, “I accept the consequences of my Civil Disobedience.”

At least 53 individuals were arrested, including Tamo Campos, grandson of David Suzuki.

Most of the protesters arrested were charged with Civil Disobedience and released.

Jackie Dives via Facebook:   “Don’t worry. We are winning.”  Is what he said when he was arrested.

Tamo posted the following statement on his Facebook in the early hours of November 21 -2014:

Thank you for the abundance of love and support today.
I was released an hour ago and there are others still in the jail.
Dan, Jacob, and Sut-Lut that need your support!

I had no plans on being arrested today but after seeing the way they used aggression and force to arrest caretakers off the land was sickening.Today, the police arrested indigenous people off of their own land.   Their are lineages, laws and people that predate Canadian Laws and nationhood by thousands of years here and they are being violated daily. This nation was built on the exploitation of the lands and the fiction that it is only several hundred years old. It has marginzalized minority groups with police force. My grandparents were enemy aliens and put into internment camps during WWII for being Japanese that is in no way our governments worst crimes. This government and court system do not serve us but rather repress us as they always have. Many groups like the one’s on the mountain organize and take action to break that and create justice in a world that needs it badly. I have so much sympathy and love for everyone who is standing tall up on Burnaby Mountain. See you all tomorrow and hopefully with some new faces up there!

Some of the RCMP’s aggressive tactics, mentioned by Tamo in his post, are clearly evident in the photo of the Knowles’ below, which was posted and widely shared on Facebook.

TOMMY KNOWLES Facebook Photo - RCMP chokehold on protestor NOV 20-2014 in Burnaby BC

RCMP officers choke-hold protesters Scott and Tommy Knowles in Burnaby, BC –  November, 2014

On November 21,2014, Tamo also posted an open letter from his grandfather, David Suzuki

“A letter from my grandfather”
To whom it may concern

Tamo Campos is my grandson and I am very proud of him. He is doing what I would have done myself were it not a risk to my position as host of The Nature of Things on CBC.

The world is on a collision course with the things that keep us alive and healthy – the air, water, soil and variety of life.  Corporations, especially those with head offices in some other part of the country or the world care little for the interests of local ecosystems or communities, except in so far as they interfere with the drive to maximize profit for shareholders.  They have no obligation to protect local ecosystems or local communities.  Their sole goal is to make as much money as they can get away with.

All over the world, local citizens and communities are standing up to protect their ecological, social and economic interests against these invading entities that behave like thugs, intimidating with SLAPP suits and using every legal tool, anything to keep on their destructive path while avoiding the important issues like climate change and threat of spills being raised by protesters.

I say all this to set the action of Tamo and others in context.  Tamo is fighting for the world that will be left to his generation in the future.  I believe what Kinder Morgan and companies like it are doing is an intergenerational crime but there are no legal precedents to pursue criminal charges on that basis.

Before corporations had become so powerful, every generation aspired to leave a better future to their children.  That is not on the corporate agenda.  I beg you to consider the fact that there are few legal avenues to protest what I believe is criminal activity of corporations like Kinder Morgan so citizens are being forced to participate in civil disobedience. Are we so blinded by the power and influence of corporations that their short sighted agendas are above consideration of their potential of catastrophic ecological and social consequences?

My grandson is taking an active role in the struggle for human rights, social justice and environmental protection, he is not a criminal.  He has done this without attempting to ride on or hide behind my coat tails.  He is a role model for young people today, inspiring them to get involved in issues of their future.  I hope the court will be cognizant of this.

– David Suzuki, Emeritus professor, UBC

David Suzuki gives fiery speech on Burnaby Mountain to Kinder Morgan protesters (VIDEO)

“To the RCMP – I come before you with great respect, but now you are here to enforce the law, that does not mean that you are above the law, or that you make your own law.  My grandson was DRAGGED across the line … and arrested.  You are breaking the law, and I am disappointed.  “

WAKE UP!    “Get up to Burnaby Mountain and be on the right side of history.” – Desirée Wallace

The world is watching Kinder Morgan, Canada, and the RCMP – but are they listening?

 Do the words of these protesters fall on deaf ears?


You can follow along for ongoing  updates on Facebook by “liking” these pages:


Join this group: Stop Enbridge Stop Kinder Morgan – Call to Action 

And check the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram #BurnabyMountain  #KMFace #StopHarper

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*PLEASE NOTE*  I have tried to accurately and correctly list all the sources for photos in this article; however, due to the nature of the sharing platform for most of the content (social media via sharing/reposts etc.)  I cannot ensure I have accurately credited all photos.  If you see a photograph that you took – or if you know who did – and I have incorrectly credited it, please comment below so credit goes to where it is due.   Thank you to all those who were and are present on the mountain. *  I would like to specifically thank Jackie Dives for allowing me to use her photos in this post and for ensuring her presence on the mountain in order to capture the truth with her lens. Follow her on Facebook and on her website.

 /the writer continues debating purchasing plane tickets and the cost of the fuel burned on the trip versus the cost of silence… (it seems hypocritical to burn jet-fuel to stop a pipeline but can we really afford not to stop it? )

/continues blogging from Alberta in solidarity, in the hopes that people realize that not all Albertan’s are like this useless comment by “Us Albertans”  on this post  (which actually pained me to read).
COMMENT source- STRAIGHT.COM Dramatic photos- Police arrest Kinder Morgan pipeline protesters on Burnaby Mountain

Please know that not all of us sit back and laugh – many of us fight.  Those who laugh are fooled by the propaganda that surrounds all of us in this godforsaken fascist petro-state excuse of a democracy.   In the end, like all fools, they shall one day realize the joke is on them.  Until then, take comfort that many of us recognize that despite being trapped by a petro-state, and despite being reliant on the oil industry for employment and modern comforts, we are still able to be critical of these systems we are trapped in.  Only by being critical of how things are done now, do we come up with better ideas for how things should be done in future.

There are many people who deeply appreciate those who stand on the mountain – we know you stand for all of us.

In solidarity we stand together.





Citizens of Canada are choosing to be arrested for Civil Disobedience in order to stop Kinder Morgan – these citizens will need money for the legal repercussions they will face for “crossing the line” to protest. For more information read this post from Burnaby Mountain Updates.  If you are able, please  DONATE HERE  to help fund  Legal Support for Burnaby Mountain Defenders

And now for a brief summary on the pipeline problems as of late…

The internet has been outpouring its collective disbelief at the lengths to which TransCanada will go to in their insane quest to convince the public that their company ( the one with the absolutely terrible track record ) only has what’s best for us – the 99% – in mind.  Whereas those environmentalists are a bunch of crazy wolf-criers who just want to destroy the economy. This is why they hired Edelman to cook up a massive PR campaign attacking environmentalists and promoting Energy East with “a three track approach taken from the modern political playbook : Promote, Respond, & Pressure.”   – in other words:   “Lie, lie some more, and then throw lots of money in the general direction of your lies.”

Of all the great things on the internet, this has to be by far my favourite thing:

“I told them in no uncertain terms to go f**k themselves because what they were doing was blatantly unsafe and illegal”  

–  Evan Vokes, former TransCanada Engineer

Vokes reported several issues to the National Energy Board in 2012 after being fired from TransCanada for raising concerns and refusing to back down in respect of his concerns.  I highly recommend reading the coverage about Vokes on the website for the Council of Canadians, as well as watching the video of his October 4, 2014, acceptance speech for the ‘Special Award for Whistle-blowing’ given to him by the Council of Canadians (above).  Mr. Vokes closes with the advice:

“TransCanada has fought me to the end of the earth to avoid releasing information relating to public safety.  If you want to do something with your activism, stick to the engineering – they have no defence against it”

COUNCIL OF CANADIANS – Energy East pipeline company found non-compliant in safety audit

The Council of Canadians, a targeted group, said the ambitious scale of the PR pitch suggested TransCanada was concerned about growing opposition to the project. “What this speaks to is that they are losing,” said Andrea Harden-Donaghue, climate campaigner for the council. “What these documents reveal is that they are bringing tea party activists into the equation in Canada combined with a heavy-handed advertising campaign.  They are clearly spending a lot of time and thought on our efforts.  I’d rather see them address the concerns that we are raising.”


CBC – Energy East pipeline ‘advocates’ targeted in TransCanada PR move

In strategy documents prepared for TransCanada, Edelman warns it will need to counter “permanent, persuasive, nimble and well-funded opposition groups.” Edelman says the company needs “a perpetual campaign to protect and enhance the value of the Energy East pipeline.”  It suggests a three-pronged approach — promote the pipeline, respond aggressively to any criticism and apply pressure on opponents using “supportive third parties who can put pressure on, especially when TransCanada can’t.”  [The goal is to recruit 35,000 advocates in 2014.]  It’s the last tactic that bothers Keith Stewart from Greenpeace, who originally obtained the documents.  He said Edelman is proposing to discredit opponents to Energy East by using sympathetic allies who are being fed information by TransCanada.

Energy Executive Blasts Kinder Morgan Review As “Fraudulent,” Quits

Similar to TransCanada’s situation with Mr. Vokes,  Marc Eliesen (an intervenor in the federal government’s review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker expansion project) recently complained to the National Energy Board and withdrew from his position from Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain application, in an open letter which was published Sunday, November 02, 2014 on the Dogwood Initiative and published on the Tyee the following day.

“I applied as an intervenor with expertise [Eliesen has over 40 years of industry experience] to offer the Board in good faith that my time and personally incurred costs would be well spent in evaluating Trans Mountain’s proposal, questioning the Proponent, preparing evidence commensurate with my expertise, answering questions on that evidence, and providing final argument.  Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that the Board, through its decisions, is engaged in a public deception. Continued involvement with this process is a waste of time and effort, and represents a disservice to the public interest because it endorses a fraudulent process.”

CLICK HERE for the full text of his letter to the secretary of the NEB:

GLOBAL NEWS – Crude Awakening: 37 years of oil spills in Alberta


DAILY KOZ – There’s Been HOW Many Pipeline Spills in Alberta in The Last Four Months?? 

Over the last month, over 600,000 Litres have been reported to the Alberta Energy Regulator.

The following spills were reported by the West Coast Native News:

Oct 3, 2014 – Canadian Natural Resources Limited – 11Km East of Delia – 10,000L of Crude oil

Oct 5, 2014 – Nexen Energy ULC – 2.5Km SouthWest of Kinosis – 5,800L of Toxic water
Oct 5, 2014 – Cenovus Energy Inc – 56Km East of Brooks – 9,800L of Toxic water
Oct 5, 2014 – Nexen Energy ULC – 41Km SouthEast of Ft. McMurray – 13,000L of Condensate
Oct 10, 2014 – Husky Oil – 30Km SouthEast of Vermilion – 50,000L of Crude oil and 25,000L of toxic water
Oct 13, 2014 – Arc Resources – 5Km North of Redwater – 150,000L of Toxic water
Oct 11, 2014 – TAQA North Ltd – 44Km SouthWest of Spirit River – 24,000L of Crude oil
Oct 14, 2014 – Whitecap Resources Inc – 37Km NorthWest of Sexsmith – 10,000L of Toxic water
Oct 15, 2014 – Penn West Petroleum Ltd -14Km SouthEast of Slave Lake – 52,000L Crude oil
Oct 14, 2014 – Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd – 26Km NorthWest of Vauxhall – 8,000L of Toxic water
Oct 17, 2014 – TAQA North Ltd – 32Km NorthWest of Rocky Mountain House – 18,000L of Toxic water
Oct 21, 2014 – Harvest Operations Corp – 20Km East of Galahad – 200,000L of Toxic water
Oct 26, 2014 – Apache Canada Ltd -9Km East of Zama City – 50,000L of Toxic water
Total = Over 625,000 Litres of toxic crap spilled in Alberta for just the month of October and not ONE mainstream media reports about it.


Already in November 2014, a single incident (which took place near Vauxhall) has spilled almost the equivalent of the total amount of fluids spilled in ALL of October.

On the November 12, 2014,  a massive spill of 500,000L+ was reported by Spyglass Resources Corp. to our beloved AER  (see the “November” tab) and again, our primary source for coverage is from the WCNN rather than any mainstream media outlet.   The  Incident Report SpreadSheet is buried in the AER website (which is not exactly a go-to news source for the general public)  only those actively seeking the information are able to discover such spills and draw attention to same (in other words, the indigenous peoples of Canada reporting though WCNN and independent media such as The Tyee).

So, shall we take a poll, who still wants to build a pipeline?!

Energy East – TransCanada Pipeline

Now that the world (including our friendly neighbours to the south, America) collectively called TransCanada out on the bullshit that is the Keystone XL Pipeline… (see below)

TransCanada CEO Russ Girling, tells Americans on ABC that nearly 42,000 jobs will be created… but then concedes that he will hire 9,000 people to construct the pipeline and actually only 50 jobs will be created after two years.

Have you heard of Energy East yet?  You might have noticed the advertisements that have popped up all over the place lately (…it’s almost like TransCanada spent millions to promoting this as a “good idea” for Canadians)  If you haven’t (or if you have), let No Energy East Pipeline show you what’s up:

TransCanada has now set their sights on Eastern Canada, since apparently heading South turned out to be a bit more problematic than originally anticipated.   It’s almost like people all over the world (even in ‘Merica) are getting tired of hearing about oil spills while still paying more and more to fill up their cars… IT’S LIKE, SUPER WEIRD, MAN.

I mean, it’s almost like we’re realizing climate change is truly upon us and that burning through non-renewable resources at an insane rate, while simultaneously causing global wars and economic strife, when renewable energy sources could be implemented across the world for the overall gain of everyone (except, of course, the oil companies), seems, well, INSANE.

I digress.. Anishinaabe Elder Nancy Morrison makes the point infinitely clear in the video below –

” What do you project for the future? In 50 years, 25 years, 100 years, what is going to happen to the pipe?  It’s going to corrode…This is what is going to happen.   It doesn’t matter what you say, there is going to be leaks in there…. What is going to happen to our water?   We cannot drink it, our children are not going to be able to drink it,”

Unfortunately for Canadians  (whether First Nations or immigrants) TransCanada  has a lot more political power here at home in Canada than it does across the rest of the world.  It’s almost as if they are able to push through favorable legislation and pay off the regulators under a government determined to ignore climate change, while also ensuring that as many people as possible rely on employment from Oil companies like TransCanada thanks to our Canadian Petro-State, which over the years has evolved in manner similar to the rise of fascism in Europe – thanks, Harper and friends!

Energy East pipeline resisters – first nations and environmental activists – were at Lakeside Inn on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014, for TransCanada’s Kenora, Ont., open house.

In the above video we see TransCanada employee “Gary” responding to their comments, “Thank you for coming…we’re interested in talking to you and providing information,”  Winnipeg’s Lorraine Clements cuts him off –

“Your information is lies…you’re not listening to the women!  We’re talking about our grandchildren and future generations… what are you going to tell your grandchildren, and what are your grandchildren going to tell their children when there’s no water? Lets get back to mother earth… back to where we come from as people!   How will we feed ourselves if there’s no water?   Water is life and you’re killing it! This isn’t an indian problem as you call it – this is an everyone problem! Your children will suffer with our children.

Jo Seenie, of Roseau River tells him:

“You’re creating a war.  There’s a war on our water, there’s a war on our women in this country.  This Country does not acknowledge that there is a genocide happening to our women that go missing and murdered, there is a genocide that is happening to our lands, that you are a part of destroying, do you want that legacy for your grandchildren?  Don’t you guys think about that?  We are the original people of this land, we have the right to speak for this land, and we’re tired of being sold out…shame on all of you for sitting here talking like it’s normal to rape the land.  There’s a war on our water and you’re all a part of that genocide.  No means no. Don’t you get that?!  People don’t need to be afraid of saying what they need to say.

Read here for more coverage from Mychaylo Prystupa for the Vancouver Observer and by Mike Aiken for  Kenora Online.

*Names of the speakers in the embedded videos are taken from the description of the original YouYube video posted by user: Blue ThunderBirdWoman*


“The numbers don’t lie—fracking has taken a dirty and destructive toll on our environment… if this dirty drilling continues unchecked, these numbers will only get worse.”

– John Rumpler, senior attorney for Environment America. 


A groundbreaking report on fracking has been released. The report measured key indicators of fracking threats across the United States, including:

  • 280 billion gallons of toxic waste-water generated in 2012—enough to flood all of Washington, DC, in a 22-foot deep toxic lagoon
  • 450,000 tons of air pollution produced in one year
  • 250 billion gallons of fresh water used since 2005
  • 360,000 acres of land degraded since 2005
  • 100 million metric tons of global warming pollution since 2005

“The bottom line is this: The numbers on fracking add up to an environmental nightmare.. For our environment and for public health, we need to put a stop to fracking.”

A public health assessment in Washington County, PA has linked health problems with fracking,  including migraine headaches and cancer (both issues run in my family).  


“With billions of gallons of toxic waste coming each year, we’re just seeing the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in terms of health risks” –  said toxicologist David Brown, “we’re seeing nearby residents experiencing nausea, headaches and other symptoms linked to fracking pollution.” 





THE ABOVE REPORTS ARE BASED OFF AMERICAN DATA.   RECENTLY, THE COUNCIL OF CANADIAN ACADEMIES RELEASED A REPORT STATING THAT WE DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT BASELINE DATA ON FRACKING:  “Although the technologies and techniques used in extracting shale gas are understood, more research and information is needed on the potential environmental impacts that could result from this process.. [SOURCE:]


Expert Panel finds monitoring, management, and oversight critical for responsible shale gas development in Canada – Council of Canadian Academies 

The Panel’s assessment focused on a number of environmental impacts including: well integrity, water (groundwater and surface), greenhouse gas emissions, land impacts and seismic events, human health, monitoring and research.  See the link below for the Panel’s key findings.

Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada

The report, commissioned by Former environment minister Peter Kent,  has been obtained by ipolitics. It states: “Most experts agree that impacts on water raise the greatest environmental concern by shale gas development… Authoritative data about potential environmental impacts are neither sufficient nor conclusive.”

According to the report, the Provincial Government is ultimately responsible for making sure the industry operates responsibly, and each Province has different regulations when it comes to fracking.

Quebec and Nova Scotia have a moratorium on fracking ; while residents in New Bruinswick are pushing the same.  

 In Western Canada, since the Responsible Energy Development Act  and the inception of the Alberta Energy Regulator (a private, industry funded regulator) and the dissolution of the Energy Resource Conservation Board (a government agency),  Alberta has increased is approval for licences to drill for shale gas by 647%  between 2012 and 2013.  BC policy is being pushed towards a similar regulatory process, in the hopes that the Province will become a top exporter of Natural Gas.