CASE REVIEW: Alberta Research Council

Circa 2005, in Rosebud, Alberta, several landowners reported drastic changes to their water quality – residents suffered skin burns, itching, rash and when tested, water was found to contain high levels of deep-earth methane, carcinogens and man-made chemicals, such as Toluene.  These claims were investigated by Alberta Research Council (aka Alberta Innovates) and dismissed based on the findings of the report prepared by Dr. Alexander Blyth.  

We believe these claims were closed prematurely based on insufficient and incorrect data.  Most notably, Jessica Ernst continues to pursue her claim in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.  For more information about her landmark lawsuit, as  go to her website

These are the reviews that the Alberta government used to justify closing the water contamination investigations of complaints raised by Alberta landowners.

Lauridsen Well Complaint – ARC FINAL REVIEW

Signer well complaint – ARC FINAL REVIEW
Why take the time to look at these documents?

The individual reviews linked at the top of this page were not available online to the public.  The Alberta Research Council made a Summary Review of  four concurrent complaints. It is available online and at the link below.

SUMMARY- ROSEBUD Water_Well_Complaint_Reviews

We welcome any peer reviews by professional scientists as well as comments from the general public regarding this government response.  Dr. Karlis Muehlenbachs, a world-expert geo-chemist and professor at the University of Alberta has publicly criticized the questionable science in Dr. Alec Blyth’s reports (linked above). Watch Dr. Karlis Muehlenbachs’ presentation HERE.These documents are referred to in my presentation at the “Responsibility for the Land” conference and subsequently I believe it appropriate for them to be publicly available.

We believe the public has the right to evaluate the government response to groundwater contamination complaints.  These are reviews of a public resource (water) by  public body (ARC received funding for its work from government and industry – it is now called Alberta Innovates). The following link shows part of the mandate of ARC as well as its funding sources: Page 8 -EXCERPT – ARC annual report.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Fire away!!

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