Dr. Karlis Muehlenbachs  is a geochemist and professor at the University of Alberta.  He is a world expert on identifying the unique carbon fingerprint or isotopes of shale and conventional gases.

His expertise was crucial in helping unravel the questionable science of Dr. Alec Bylth from the Alberta Research Council, who’s report was the basis for Alberta Environment’s decision to absolve Encana of any responsibility for the contamination in Rosebud and area water wells, as he claimed there was NO EVIDENCE OF GROUND WATER CONTAMINATION.

Jessica Ernst in may ways represents this issue for all Albertans, if not a global awareness of the impact that oil and gas development has on groundwater.  Her landmark multi-million dollar lawsuit on Hydraulic Fracturing, accuses EnCana, Alberta Environment and Energy Resources Conservation Board of negligence and unlawful activities.

Rosebud is a small community, Jessica is a friend and neighbor and we support her in her fight.  This litigation is absolutely essential to Canadian law and Alberta politics; one land-owner up against the power of the Harper/Redford Government, and EnCana Corporation, whose head office is located in Calgary, Albera.

It is because of Jessica Ernst, who worked as an Environmental Consultant for the Oil and Gas industry over several decades,  that we were able to find out so much information about Hydraulic Fracturing and the dangers of this controversial practice; she and my mother worked side by side for years to uncover the truth about what happened to the aquifer in Rosebud.  Another affected neighbour, Mrs. Signer, who is referenced in the presentation, moved away from the area and abandoned her dream of a family Bed & Breakfast in the Rosebud River valley, because she no longer had safe water for drinking, cooking or bathing.

Jessica Ernst is taking legal action a multi-million dollar lawsuit accuses EnCana, Alberta Environment and Energy Resources Conservation Board of negligence and unlawful activities.   For her work, Jessica was honored by the UN with the International Women of Courage Award in October of 2011.   For more information visit her website here:


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